Ah, Its simple, What ever page you want to share, Just put it after u= Any link after that will be shared on facebook, If the link page has og:meta-tags, og:image, og:title and og:decription, It will also be shared of that page making it interactive :)


In its continuing endeavor to serve its 800 million users as quickly as possible, Facebook is once again revamping the way it handles its PHP-based Web pages. By Joab Jackson U.S. Correspondent, IDG News Service | In its continuing endeavor

Golden Star, Helsingborg, Sweden. 445 likes · 5 Welcome to Golden Star Café & Restaurant. To connect with Golden Star, join Facebook today. Join. or.

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Du hittar våra hotell i Göteborg, Stockholm och andra städer, välkommen! S&P 500 och Nasdaq tyngdes av IT-bolag, inte minst Facebook som föll Tekniktunga Nasdaq kompositindex minskade 1,0 procent till 7.852. Köparen står för ev frakt. Använd endast 1 gång så i mycket fint skick. Köparen Kan skickas om köparen står för frakten. Gilla oss på facebook · Instagram  Kerala Lottery Guessing Today Last 3 Numbers, Lotteries Today, Kerala Lotteries .com, Today Vishu Bumper BR 67, Results Today Live TV  Half-Life Alyx, Star Wars: Squadrons, Skyrim VR — och ska du köpa ett VR-headset 2021?. Hemsida: https://streamerlinks.com/index.php?page=podcastenreplay.

Golden Star, Helsingborg, Sweden.

If you enjoyed reading this post, think I’m worth 5 stars, and would like to see this script in action, check the current count by visiting the page’s footer, then follow this link to my Facebook review page and leave me a 5 star review.

STARS [StarCash Network] PHP [Philippine Peso] 0.01 StarCash Network = 0.163737 Philippine Peso: 0.1 StarCash Network = 1.637372 Philippine Peso: 1 StarCash Network = 16.373720 Philippine Peso: 2 StarCash Network = 32.747441 Philippine Peso: 3 StarCash Network = 49.121161 Philippine Peso: 5 StarCash Network = 81.868602 Philippine Peso: 10 When you run outs of Star, you can purchase Stars from Facebook. A 100 Star tip cost around $14.99 or PHP 74.99, a higher amount of Stars are also discounted up to 25%: 25 Stars – $0.49 PHP 17.79 60 Stars – $0.99 or PHP 42.70 require_once "base_facebook.php"; /** * Extends the BaseFacebook class with the intent of using * PHP sessions to store user ids and access tokens. */ class Facebook extends BaseFacebook {/** * Cookie prefix */ const FBSS_COOKIE_NAME = 'fbss'; /** * We can set this to a high number because the main session * expiration will trump this.

1 facebook star to php

May be an image of furniture and indoor. 1 Share. Stefan Tolinsson, profile picture. Stefan Tolinsson. https://www.granit.com/se/magneter-20-pack-300623/.

1 facebook star to php

Mejra Avdo Kovačević, profile picture. Mejra Avdo Kovačević Emina Mešić replied · 1 reply. 1,7 tn gillar detta. Curta a página e fique por dentro de todos os lançamentos de Rap Nacional. B l a n k a. 17 tn gillar detta. العائلة فقط #la miff #qlf #adem.

1 facebook star to php

Kan vara  We always knew this guy's a star!! Love it! Go, Ethan! 21:35 ·. We always knew this guy's a star!! Love it! Go, Ethan!
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1 facebook star to php

https://www.facebook.com/127177903992031/posts/4107395222636926/?d=n. Outside Inn is at Nevada County Fairgrounds. 10 hrs · Grass Valley, CA. So excited to hear that the Nevada County Fairgrounds got the green light for 2021, mark your calendars for August 11-15th! 11. Share.

Mejra Avdo Kovačević Emina Mešić replied · 1 reply. 1,7 tn gillar detta. Curta a página e fique por dentro de todos os lançamentos de Rap Nacional.
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During the First Crusade, the star on the coat of armor of the De Vere family was a white star that was placed there to symbol the "light and arrest upon the standard of Aubere de Vere". The star symbol of the De Vere family became incredibly notorious in English history due to the Battle of Barnet that took place in 1471.

So any references to 4.1 can be safely aliased to v5.0.0.