This label is universally recognisable and enables all those involved in the transportation of limited quantity shipments to identify the package and treat it in accordance with the regulations for that method of transport. The UN number and substance being shipped must be marked on the side of the package.


Under the newly aligned limited quantity provisions, packages of limited quantities do not require shipping papers for road and rail transport (including shipments to/from Canada). The shipper may, however, tender a shipping paper with the consignment that declares the material in the new basic sequence, followed by the words “limited quantities,” or the letters “LTD QTY.”

Le merci pericolose (note anche come materiale nocivo o hazmat) sono qualsiasi sostanza o materiale in grado di rappresentare un rischio irragionevole per la salute, la sicurezza e la proprietà. A limited quantity package that conforms to the provisions of this section is not subject to the shipping paper requirements of subpart C of part 172 of this subchapter, unless the material meets the definition of a hazardous substance, hazardous waste, marine pollutant, or is offered for transportation and transported by aircraft or vessel, and is eligible for the exceptions provided in Limited Quantities Dangerous Goods in limited quantities (designated as in Section 18 of the IMDG Code) may be exempt from certain requirements in the IMDG Code due to the consideration that they are packed individually, in small quantities, which gives an acceptable level of safety through quantity limitations. UN1950 Aerosols IMDG Placard – Code UN1950. DG Label Tests & Compliance. When you purchase UN1950 Aerosols IMDG dangerous goods placards you should check and test that they comply with BS5609 specification and regulation standards. At Labeline we test placards at our tidal salt water Estuary location. Column 7 'Limited quantities' - this column provides the maximum quantity per inner packaging authorized for transport of the substance concerned according to   3 Feb 2020 CLASSIFICATION.

Un1950 limited quantity

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All of our DOT hazmat labels are printed with fade resistant pigments and our adhesives are formulated for permanent adhesion in various climates, environments and surfaces. Once affixed, these labels will not come off. Limited quantity: 120 ml: Excepted quantity: E0: Packing instructions: P207 LP200: Special packing provisions: PP87 RR6 L2: Mixed packing provisions: MP9 MP14: Portable tank and bulk container instructions: Portable tank and bulk container special provisions: Tank codes for ADR tanks: Special provisions for ADR tanks: Vehicle for tank carriage UN 1648, ACETONITRILE, 3, LIMITED QUANTITIES . UN 1950, AEROSOLS, 2.1, LIMITED QUANTITIES . UN 2205, ADIPONITRILE, 6.1, LIMITED QUANTITIES. No class placards or LQs mark is allowed for the goods in LQs. Note that the MP mark would still be required even if the UN1761 was not an MP, but the UN1950 LQ packages were (see IMDG Figure 2 Se hela listan på Description UN1950, AEROSOLS, 2.1 ADN UN-No.

1L Not permitted as Excepted Quantity. Limited quantities (LQ).

UN1950. · 14.2 Officiell transportbenämning. · ADR. 1950 AEROSOLER. · IMDG. AEROSOLS Limited quantities (LQ). 1L Not permitted as Excepted Quantity.

Most limited quantity shipments prepared under HM-215K are eligible to be shipped via ground service in the 48 contiguous states without shipping papers or Shipper's Certifications. It is the shipper's responsibility to properly classify, package, label and mark their materials in conjunction with current regulatory requirements.

Un1950 limited quantity

UN1950. · 14.2 Officiell transportbenämning. · ADR. 1950 AEROSOLER Not permitted as Excepted Quantity UN 1950 AEROSOLER, 2.1, MILJÖFARLIGT.

Un1950 limited quantity

AEROSOLS Limited quantities (LQ). 1L Not permitted as Excepted Quantity.

Un1950 limited quantity

All of these labels (with the exception of LQL103) may be used to comply with the limited quantity package marking requirements of ICAO and IATA. Example : Lowest permitted maximum aggregate quantity exceeded and not in compliance Outer Package Class 8 Packing Group III maximum aggregate quantity – 1L Class 3 Packing Group I maximum aggregate quantity – 300 mL Lowest permitted maximum aggregate quantity = 300 mL 40 small inner packagings, each contain 25 mL of Class 8, PG III liquid.
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Un1950 limited quantity

UN1950 - aerosole.

The Item Has been checked in accordance with the regulations  14.1 UN-nummer. · ADR, ADN, IMDG, IATA. UN1950. (Fortsättning på sida 7).
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Limited Quantity Labels - UN1950 4 x 4. Limited Quantity Labels - 49 CFR requires the use of these labels for limited quantity exception. All of these labels (with the exception of LQL103) may be used to comply with the limited quantity package marking requirements of ICAO and IATA.

LIMITED QUANTITY. 14.3. Faroklass för transport. Muc-Off Ltd. Unit 1 Concept Office Park, UN1950 AEROSOLER.